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Talk of the Town Shout-Out, by Spider
Today we spoke with the very kind, very beautiful owner of Gasport's favorite diner, The Talk of the Town, who said she would love to help us with Change for Cats, our mission to spay/neuter the feral cats in the lumberyard. Since a lot of those cats hang out at the restaurant, her willingness to help is really awesome.

We've also got some neighbors on board, and our customers have very graciously been donating their spare change to the effort. Pretty soon we'll have a date set for the actual trapping.

We'd like to thank everyone who is contributing to Change for Cats, even in the smallest way, and a special thank you goes to Talk of the Town!

I'm the Favorite, by Spooky
Today Miss Emily came in to work an entire hour later than she usually does, and we were vexed. We expect to be fed breakfast promptly at eight o'clock. Today our bowls were empty until nine! But she brought us some delicious turkey and giblets Fancy Feast, and served us each a whole can, so we forgave her.

Other than that trauma, I have been fairly content with life, lately. Yesterday Miss Erica brushed me until I was as soft as down. My long hair would be difficult to keep up, as it gets matted pretty easily, but the girls comb me often. It's obvious that I'm the favorite.

And why wouldn't I be? I'm beautiful, gentle, and intelligent, among other praiseworthy qualities too numerous to list here. Anyway, I wouldn't want to make the others feel bad. It's not their fault they can't compete with a fabulous feline like me.

Smoky the Squeaky Wheel, by Smoky
I got in trouble today for chasing Spooky up and down the stairs. I was just having fun, but I guess she wasn't too happy about it. So I went outside and explored for a while. But it's still pretty cold out there, so it wasn't long before I came back in.

Now I'm just hanging out in the office, curled up on Kevin's lap - my favorite place in the world. But all is not completely well...

I can feel a little hunger monster growing in my stomach. In a little while it will be time for me to go look in my bowl and see if any food has appeared there. And if not, I will meow and pester every person who walks past me until they feed me! The squeaky wheel gets the grease, as they say. Or, in this case, the louder meow gets the kibble.
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