Smoky's Story
It was a chilly grey evening in November of 2012. A dirty, skinny, splotchy grey cat came through the front door with some customers who had come to shop in the Christmas store. They had assumed it lived here along with the other cats. It paced around, sniffing everything and meowing loudly. The cashier, being a cat lover like many on the Standish-Jones crew, took pity on the creature and slipped it some kibble. Almost immediately, the cat decided that this was going to be its new home.

Management had other ideas, however. Three cats is one too many. And so a week-long battle ensued, where the scrawny cat would be firmly placed outside and it would run right back in again with the next customer. The cycle continued until the boss (yet another cat lover) agreed the cat could stay as long as Spider and Spooky didn’t mind. They minded a little at first, but after a short period of adjustment, they learned to get along just fine.

The cat acquired the name Smoky. But since Smoky was a little malodorous, she adopted the alias “Stinky.” She patiently endured a bath and flea treatment, after which she was less stinky. She visited the veterinarian right away and got up-to-date on her shots. They estimated her age at no more than two years old at the time. Later, she went to be fixed at Save-a-Pet, but they discovered she had already been spayed! So apparently Smoky had had a previous owner, which wasn’t all that surprising because she was friendly from the first.

Smoky has added new life to the cat scene at Standish-Jones. She is young and frisky, often spending her mornings chasing Spooky around and over the counter. Her favorite thing by far is to hang out in the office with Kevin, sleeping comfortably on his lap while he works on the computer. Unlike Spider and Spooky, Smoky doesn’t care for cat treats, but she sure loves her food! She is still a little skittish around kids, but when she is downstairs in the store, she almost always allows customers to pet her gently.