What can we help you find today?
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Plastic Pipe
We stock schedule 40 PVC and its fittings, as well as CPVC and its fittings for hot water. Also available are 4" thin-wall drain pipe and 4" corrugated drain tile.
Metal Pipe
We sell black iron, galvanized steel, and copper pipe in various diameters by the foot or in 10-foot lengths. We also offer a wide selection of adapters and fittings for all your piping needs.
SharkBite is the easiest way to join copper, CPVC or PEX pipe in any combination – with no soldering, clamps, or glue. Visit Standish Jones to try SharkBite today!
PEX plastic tubing is the modern alternative to PVC, CPVC, and copper pipe. It's flexible and more cost-effective, and you can get it and all the fittings you need here at Standish Jones.
What else can you find in our Plumbing Department?  -Water Heaters  -Drain Openers  -Sump Pumps and accessories
​ -Water filters and Water Softeners  -Polyvinyl Tubing  -Brass and Nylon Fittings​  -Chimney/Fireplace accessories  -And more!
Everything you need to repair a toilet:
- Closet Flange  
​- Wax Bowl Gasket  
​- Toilet Bolts  
​- Water Supply Line  
​- Shutoff Valve  
​- Tank Gasket  
​- Flapper  
​- Fill Valve  
​- Ballcock  
​- Flush Valve  
​- Flush Lever  
​- Toilet Seat  
​- Hinge Bolts
Everything you need
​to repair a sink:

​- Faucets 
​- Replacement Handles  
​- Replacement Sprayers  
​- O-Rings  
​- Faucet Seats 
​- Springs  
​- Faucet Stems 
​- Sink Strainers  
​- Sink Stoppers  
​- Pop-Up Assembly  
​- P-Trap  
​- S-Trap  
​- Tailpiece  
​- Waste Arm  
​- Flange  
​- Water Supply Line  
​- Plumber's Putty  
​- Pipe Thread Compound 
​- Teflon Tape