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The American-made Clark+Kensington paint and primer in one is available in interior and exterior quarts and gallons, in five fully-cleanable sheens. Choose a Clark+Kensington designer color, each of which harmonizes perfectly with the others, or choose a color of your own and we'll custom match it. Clark+Kensington paints roll on smoothly and cover so well you should be able to finish your project with just one coat.

Clark+Kensington interior semi-gloss paint and primer in one has been ranked #1 for the second year running by Consumer Reports 2014. Clark+Kensington earned points for excellent coverage and cleanability as well as price range, beating out its much more expensive competitors.

At Standish Jones, another option for affordable, high-quality interior paint is Ace Royal. Available in five interior sheens, Ace Royal paints can be made into any color you can imagine. Ace Royal paints feature smooth application, quality coverage, easy cleanup, and long-lasting durability.

If you’re planning to brighten your living space with a fresh, new color, consider trying Valspar paint. Valspar is top-of-the-line and costs a fraction of the competitors’ “premium” paints.

Spray Paints

  • Ace Premium Enamel
  • Rust-oleum 2X Coverage
  • Rust-oleum Enamel
  • Ace Rust Stop
  • Upside-down Marking
  • Metallic
  • Fluorescent
  • High-Heat
  • Camouflage
  • Chalkboard
  • Glow-in-the-Dark
  • And more!




  • ZAR Interior Stain
  • Minwax Interior Stain
  • Minwax Polyurethane
  • Ace Polyurethane
  • Spray Polyurethane
  • Ace Spar Varnish
  • Deft Lacquer
  • Deft Spray Lacquer
  • Zinsser Shellac
  • Zinsser Spray Shellac
  • And more!

  • Ace Barn & Fence
  • Royal Porch & Floor
  • Ace Rust Stop
  • Ace Wood Royal Deck Stain
  • Ace Wood Royal Siding Stain
  • Cabot Deck & Siding Stain
  • Flood CWF-UV Deck Stain
  • Restore Concrete Resurfacer
  • Restore Deck Resurfacer
  • Thompson's Waterseal
  • UGL DryLok Waterproofer
  • Rust-oleum EpoxyShield
  • And more!

  • Paint Brushes
  • Paint Trays/Liners
  • Roller Frames
  • Roller Covers
  • Painter's Tape
  • Frog Tape
  • Painter's Caulk
  • Spackle
  • Joint Compound
  • Dropcloths
  • And more!


For the ultimate paint experience, Valspar Optimus interior paint combines paint and primer and has been developed with OptiColor Pigment Technology™ to provide brilliant color and a flawless finish. This low odor, zero VOC formula provides the maximum durability to withstand major wear and washing in high traffic zones.

     -Rich, vibrant color

     -100% acrylic latex, zero VOC, low odor

     -Excellent coverage and blendability

     -Quick dry time; flawless ultra-smooth finish

     -Max durability, cleanability, and stain


Valspar Aspire interior paint combines paint and primer in this exclusive EverLuxe™ formula for an ultra-durable finish that is easy to clean and withstands wear. This low odor, zero VOC formula has long-lasting color that stands the test of time.

     -True, long-lasting color

     -100% acrylic latex, zero VOC, low odor

     -Excellent coverage

     -Cleans easily and withstands wear-and-tear

     -Mold and mildew resistant​​​​​


Valspar Professional provides a premium quality, high-hiding finish that is easy to apply and easy to maintain. This low odor, low VOC formula also offers superior touch-up properties.

     -High-hiding color

     -Easy, low-spatter application


     -Low odor, low VOC

     -Superior touch-up​​​​​