Located on the railroad tracks just a stone's throw from the Erie Canal, the buildings that comprise Standish-Jones Building Supply were formerly a canning factory called Cramer’s Pickling Works, as well as a coal and lumber supply. The location was also home to the post office and the Red & White store, owned by G.C. Barrett. In 1921, Clarence Standish purchased the properties and continued to sell coal, lumber, and hardware. The business changed hands again to Don Jones in 1945, who named the company Standish-Jones Lumber Company. And so it remained until 1986, when Standish-Jones was acquired by the Spalding Hardware Company.

Since then, Standish Jones Building Supply has evolved into a three-story retail store and a fully-stocked lumberyard. Yet Standish Jones continues to grow, adapting to ever-changing technologies, offering innovative products as well as the tried-and-true standbys, and striving daily to meet the needs of our customers. Stop by someday soon to see what's new and exciting!